Springs & Cables

Broken Springs..

We carry a wide range of Australian made springs to suit most doors in our service vehicle to

  • Ensure you get the correct springs for your door so your door functions correctly and safely.
  • Give you a spring made of good quality that will last the longest possible for your door.

Broken Cables.

If it is the cables that have broken, we can replace them with top quality cables.

We use only the best cables available for replacement for your door that will stand up to the harsh salt air conditions the Gold Coast has.

If your cables have come off for no apparent reason, we will re install them and rectify why your cables have been coming off.

Usually cables come off due to spring tension not being correctly tensioned or it can be a combination of other things that we will fix.

If you have had a cable break and the door is stuck halfway open, We can lower your door without damaging your door or any cars underneath it and get it all working again safely.

We use genuine factory springs.



Most garage doors are made up of two springs. When one of them breaks, there is a possibility that the second torsion spring will soon follow. This is because both springs are manufactured on the same date and used on the same frequency. Therefore, we often replace both springs.

In addition to that, we also utilize the best practices by using the right torsion springs for your garage door. We ensure that the correct spring matches the weight and size of your garage door to make it more balanced and safe to use.

With every repair services we provide, a free safety inspection to make sure that all moving parts and hardware are in good working condition and have met the safety standards. Springs and other mechanical parts are installed at the same time, so it should be checked properly to maintain a safe environment and use the garage door with ease.

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